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Save Central Pier

Dear Minister, Member of Parliament, Development Victoria Board Member

I am writing to express my deep concern about Melbourne’s historic Central Pier.
This century-old asset was a few months ago a thriving go-to entertainment and tourism hub in the Docklands area.
Its sudden closure on 28 August has created a devastating social and economic ripple effect in our community:
• 1,300 jobs at risk
• 8 businesses in crisis and one already forced to shut its doors forever
• 103 years of pier history in jeopardy
• Countless major events cancelled, with detrimental flow-on effects to local business in the Docklands area
• Immeasurable reputable damage and embarrassment to our city.

Development Victoria, the government body responsible for maintaining this heritage-listed site, has failed to provide answers and valuable information to the affected businesses, workers and the local community since the closure.
In particular, there are serious questions to be answered as to how Development Victoria and KBR Engineering could allow the pier to deteriorate to such a dangerous state, despite supposed inspections and maintenance over the past 18 months.

We respectfully seek a reply to this letter to understand whether you too, support Melbourne’s Central Pier.

In particular, your support is needed to:
• hold Development Victoria to account for failing to maintain and preserve an invaluable century-old piece of Melbourne’s history
• rectify the serious damage caused by Development Victoria, and
• support the workers and businesses whose livelihoods have been affected by Development Victoria failing to meet its responsibilities.

Yours sincerely,

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