Central Pier tenants to sue

Central Pier after closure
Central Pier after closure

Crucial defects may have gone undetected

TENANTS of Melbourne’s beleaguered Central Pier have launched legal action
in the Federal Court against landlord Development Victoria over the closure of the precinct earlier this year.

The suit claims the property development company knew when it signed the lease in mid-2015 the Pier was deteriorating “at an increasing rate, despite the repair works it was carrying out.”

It also claims they acted in a “misleading and deceptive” manner, leading tenants to believe the repairs being undertaken would mean they could continue to do business until the end of their lease in 2026.

In September, Development Victoria announced Central Pier would remain closed until January, leaving in limbo stakeholders from events spaces such as MAIA, Peninsula, Sketch and Suma, as well as 1,300 staff members employed in the area.


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